Community Creator Collective

The Community Creator Collective is a network of committed contributors, sharing their time, skills and support to inspire and mentor learners of all ages and stages, to innovate and create value for others, as a way of developing and practising an entrepreneurial mindset and key employability competence to address the sustainable development challenges we all face.

The communities we build, and the collaborations we broker and structure, cross traditional boundaries of age, stage, institutions and even countries. We use shared themes and goals to learn together, harnessing the power of people and places available to learners, in, with and for whom, diverse learning can be applied in interesting and synergetic ways, to create different types of value. Bantani Cymru, as a spin out of UWTSD and Bantani Education Europe, will be able to build on, and draw from, networks of 1200+ educators across Europe through the community, and 1000+ UWTSD graduate start-ups to energise, support and promote local community-based value creation initiatives.

Not only will we create communities of diverse stakeholders with value to add to learning and local community innovation, but as our project’s name suggests, we also support the development of creators within communities, initiating and implementing change and improvement as a way of learning and practising the skills needed for the future.