Nature Quest Neighbourhood Trails

Welcome to Nature Quest Neighbourhood Trails

At Bantani Cymru, we believe in the power of community, creativity, and lifelong learning. We are a dedicated community interest company, committed to fostering collaboration and creating sustainable social and cultural value. Our focus is on empowering individuals through creativity, innovation, and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. This is essential for addressing the sustainable development challenges we face in our communities and beyond.

Empowering Communities Through Entrepreneurial Thinking

Bantani Cymru CIC is all about empowering communities to think and act entrepreneurially. We address pressing social, economic, and sustainability challenges through creative collaboration that involves and benefits the community. By engaging learners in meaningful projects, we enable them to apply their learning in impactful ways, thus contributing to their communities.

Introducing the Nature Quest Neighbourhood Trail Project

We are thrilled to launch a project that aims to inspire primary learners aged 8-11 to engage with and appreciate their natural surroundings. This initiative encourages them to find, explore, research, and create a nature trail near their school. It’s not just about creating a trail; it’s about understanding the nature around it and developing accessible digital visitor guides to promote and enhance the experience.

Our key aims in this Project

Empowerment through Learning We aim to harness the innate curiosity of primary learners, guiding them to discover and appreciate the natural beauty around their neighbourhoods.

Community Collaboration Our goal is to strengthen ties among local schools, learners, community groups, and dignitaries, fostering a shared appreciation for local nature spots.

Digital Promotion of Community Natural Assets We enable students to design and curate digital visitor guides, promoting nature trails and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

What we hope to achieve

Engagement with, ownership of and pride in nature, inspiring learners from 10 primary schools to identify, research, and teach others about natural habitats near their schools.

Skill Development, facilitating the creation of tour guide-style resources, focusing on prominent features, flora, and fauna along the nature trails.

Community Involvement, motivating schools to organise guided nature trail events, inviting partner schools, community groups, and local dignitaries.

Continuous Improvement, facilitating peer-evaluation and offering tailored teacher professional development for sustained success.


Launch with partner schools, exploring initial ideas.

Design and deliver training for participating teachers.

Work with local organisations and experts to curate a learner toolkit.

Trail creation and guide development.

Peer review and feedback sessions.

Community pop-up guided nature trail events supporting inter-school visits and community engagement.

Join us on this exciting journey to connect learners with nature, foster community collaboration, and create lasting value. Let’s explore, learn, and grow together with the Nature Quest Neighbourhood Trail Project!

We are very excited to start work with the schools on developing digital nature trails: Penyrheol Primary, Bishopston Primary, Penyrheol Comp, Casllwchwr Primary, Oystermouth Primary, Gorseinon Primary