Find out more about EntreComp

EntreComp is a common language for entrepreneurial learning.

If you didn’t know it already, at Bantani Cymru we love EntreComp! We use the EntreComp framework across all our work as a common reference to understand the entrepreneurship key competences. It describes the 15 competences that contribute towards being entrepreneurial, opening up the relevance of entrepreneurial competences across life and work.

All of our past, current and upcoming projects use EntreComp in some capacity, it might be as a guide, or as a basis to create a training course, or as inspiration to take it further. Through our years of combined experience, we have become experts in delivering quality content based on the EntreComp model within the education, youthwork, lifelong learning, community, and enterprise sectors.

Are you interested in co-working EntreComp? Bantani is now working on a range of projects to build models of formal and non-formal learning and assessment that cut across multiple key competence frameworks –
EntreComp, DigComp, and LifeComp. We believe that entrepreneurial competences are important enablers for the digital and green translation, which we are committed to exploring through our new work.

If you are planning a project that incorporates the EntreComp framework, or entrepreneurial learning,  get in touch with us to see how we can help you – we would love to welcome you to  The EntreComp Community.

You can find out more about projects Bantani Cymru is currently involved in, as well as previous projects, using EntreComp on our Activities page.

Into Action

Learn through experience

Working with others

Planning and management

Taking the initiative

Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

Ideas and Opportunities

Spotting opportunities



Valuing ideas

Ethical and sustainable thinking


Motivation and perseverance

Self-awareness and self-efficacy

Financial and economic literacy

Mobilising others

Mobilising resources

Five EntreComp Goals

Mobilise interest and inspire action

Create value by adapting the framework to specific contexts

Implement entrepreneurial ideas and projects

Appraise or assess levels of entrepreneurship competence

Recognise entrepreneurial skills